John Dunbar
Iffy, Close Calls With Happiness

Iffy, Close Calls With Happiness

Iffy is the brainchild of John Dunbar, founder of Confederacy Of Dunces and author of a diversified solo album that goes from Housemartins to Daniel Johnston to Robyn Hitchcock. His new combo retains his whimsical side and his approach to production with one major difference: the songs reach a proper identity. An insular post-jangly pop style exquisitely flavored with a country feel. In between, there are idiosyncrasies like the fuzzy eastern inclined instrumental title track; the elegantly manipulated bossa-nova "Your Type" and the Stipe-esque ballad "Why Can't That Be Me?" As a bonus, he's an imaginative lyricist with a flair for delirious Pink Freud imagery.
-- Fernando Naporano, New York Press

New York tunesmith John Dunbar...blends cleverness and compassion on Close Calls with Happiness, the first album by his new combo Iffy.
-- Pulse