John Dunbar
The Moment You've Not Been Waiting For

John Dunbar, The Moment You've Not Been Waiting For

Like its predecessor, New and Interesting Developments in Uselessness, the new one has 10 songs that mix a variety of styles. Sounding, at times, like early Bongos, The Kinks, Squeeze, Bob Dylan or They Might Be Giants that has lots of introspective acoustic jangle, quiet baroque moments, always interesting arrangements and the right amount of humor. This is one of Dunbar's upbeat albums since Confederacy of Dubces material, with songs like "The Way My Baby Dresses" bringing to mind a sort of low-fi-ish Rubinoos sing-a-long spirit and "Big On Me" a Lennon leftover from Abbey Road or The White Album (a complement since any of us would love to write a throwaway Lennon song during that era, no?!). Dunbar does not shy away, too, from modern recording techniques. On a few songs he worked with drum loops sampled from the most unlikely of sources: an old Turtles record(!!) and an obscure 70's Kinks LP that Mr. Dunbar is anxious to see if anyone recognizes (it's "Hot Potatoes" from "Everybody`s In Showbiz" but tell him you heard it here). What makes this album special is the spirit of adventure and control of single artistic vision that follows its own muse—and still ends up with a highly listenable album!
-- Notlame