John Dunbar
Excursions In Trevorland

Kunks Kompilation Now Available!

The Kunks

Relive those swinging days of The British Invasion with this groovy collection showcasing the very best of the brothers Raven. Features the smash hits "I've Got Nothing," "The Bad Times Are Coming," "Mr. Trendy" and "Leslie"!

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A brief history of The Kunks

New Album Released:
Excursions In Trevorland

What do you get when you combine a legendary, much-honored man of letters and an adventurous New York tunesmith? One of the most original and enthralling indie-pop releases of the year. John Dunbar turns the stories of William Trevor into some of the catchiest and most intelligent pop songs heard in a long while. With tales supplied by William Trevor and music recalling the works of Ray Davies, Squeeze and Harry Nilsson, anyone listening is in store for a highly satisfying experience.

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What the critics say:

"A talented multi-instrumentalist whose songwriting is meaningful and assured with catchy tunes and well-drawn portraits" — Ira Robbins, The Trouser Press Record Guide

"An excellent songwriter with a very original approach, which is rare" — Paul Zollo, author of Songwriters on Songwriting

"Finessed, masterfully understated and melodically rich, competitive with veterans such as Squeeze and Crowded House" — CMJ

Dunbar displays a facility at marrying a short story to a melody; his insight into human relations is something of a gift" — Soundviews

Sounds like outtakes from The Kinks' Village Green Preservation Society" — The Driftwood, University of New Orleans

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